Advancing socioeconomic diversity in Canadian universities


Danuta Charland: The Peasant Academic – Nov 5th. Noon-1:30pm PST

Thur, Nov 5
Noon – 1:30pm pst
Free zoom webinar

Danuta is a poet, marginalised student, advocate and sister-friend. She’ll share how her Polish peasant origins and being an immigrant shape her higher education experiences in the USA. Danuta will teach us how her Kashubian farming family taught her to appreciate nature and the “simple” people with their simple but deep and rich life narratives. She’ll speak to the classism she experiences in university and the similarities to the Canada higher education system, the importance of ancestral hunter-gather skills and why when you erase your identity you become nobody. Through poetry, storytelling and lively audience engagement, this peasant academic brings richness to the Shoestring String it Together series. And yes, she’ll explain what’s up with the red-capped mushroom.




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