Advancing socioeconomic diversity in Canadian universities

Community Building

Welcome to the Shoestring Initiative community forum.

This forum is dedicated to bringing together first-generation students, faculty and staff from a poverty-class heritage. We welcome community members to share with one another successes, joys, and struggles, and to provide support. Feel free to also share cool resources, and any initiative happening on or out of universities that you are excited about!

In the spirit of community, it is important that our conversations remain welcoming and non-judgmental. Although we will do our best to moderate, if you notice any problematic behaviour, please let us know. We are also always learning better way to create safe, inclusive and supportive spaces. So don’t hesitate to share your thoughts about how we could improve.

As of now, we do not require anyone to register in order to post on our forum. This means that you may decide to remain anonymous or share your name with us. Whatever you do, please engage respectfully with all members.

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