The Shoestring Initiative

Advancing socioeconomic diversity in Canadian universities


Special Shoestring Initiative library learning event: Oct 22

Magic happens when you learn with a librarian

Tuesday, Oct 22 | 4:30–6:30 pm | Macpherson Library Lab 130

Pia Russell (MA, BA, Uvic Librarian) has designed this special library session for Shoestring Initiative undergrad and grad students. Pia will cover a wide-range of topics to inform, shape, and guide our research, paper writing, and overall school work. She will guide us in using the library and its many resources. Pia will share why libraries and librarians are essential to our learning.

• Discovering why librarians are vital to our success
• Understanding the librarian’s role
• Developing your topic
• Understanding the thesis statement
• Creating an argument with confidence
• Sourcing data (primary, secondary, peer-reviewed, Google Scholar, Wikipedia)
• Searching for sources online and in the stacks
• Understanding citation styles (APA/MLA/Chicago)
• Managing your literature review

The Shoestring Initiative is a grassroots community of support, mentorship, advocacy, and belonging. It is by and for students from/in poverty, from/in foster care, and first-generation.

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