The Shoestring Initiative

Advancing socioeconomic diversity in Canadian universities


Living in the Margins of Post-Secondary (Education Event)

November 5 & 8 | 8:30–12:30 pm | Welcome Centre (University Centre)

Organized and hosted by: University of Victoria Equity & Human Rights – 5 Days of Action

To understand inequality and inequity, it is crucial to engage in conversations about the oppressive role of social class. The Shoestring Initiative’s “Living in the Margins of Post-Secondary Education” facilitates space to reflect on the experiences of students who are living or have lived in poverty.

Join in interactive exhibits expressing the lived experiences of students whose lives are shaped by poverty. Through the engagement with everyday objects and experiences, shed ignorance and build empathy. Participate actively or reflectively. Take this opportunity to learn about students who invisibly continue to exist, grow, and create their own space within the margins of Canadian universities.

Can’t tell our own story
Stories have to be told
A lot of stories have to be told
You tell our story
Easy at a distance

“mildred,” student from poverty

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